Memories From the Set

The Young Pope's Sebastian Roché Remembers 24, Once, TVD and More

Sebastian Roché

When you see Sebastian Roché on your TV screen, your first instinct may be suspicion.

Roché has appeared on a plethora of fan-favorite shows, often as the antagonist. One of the prolific actor’s current roles — on Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle — finds him once more causing trouble from a seat of power… at least, for now. Roché himself will be the first to tell you: His characters have a nasty habit of dying. 

“I have died on every show,” he says, thinking back on a career that includes stints on 24The Vampire DiariesOnce Upon a TimeFringe, General Hospital and a bunch more hit series. And though he has yet to bite the dust in his current gigs — High Castle and HBO’s The Young Pope — “that may be coming,” he teases.

We asked Roché to reminisce about some of his favorite small-screen roles. Flip through the gallery at right — or click here for direct access — for the actor’s thoughts on working with “bloody legend” Jude Law, having an Ikea-set fan encounter and losing a tooth during an intense Mikaelson moment.