Stephen Colbert Calls Mexico About Covering Cost of Trump's Wall

Stephen Colbert is here to help ensure that Mexico pays for President Donald Trump’s border wall.

On The Late Show Friday, Colbert compiled a team of experts — including an architect, an engineer, a concrete guy and an interior designer — to come up with some rough estimates for the “so big, so strong, so powerful” wall. (As a reminder, Trump has just three years and 11 months to complete construction if he wants to keep his campaign promise.)

After concluding that the wall would have to be at least 100 feet tall, require at least 12,000 skilled laborers and result in roughly 4,800 casualties (!), Colbert put in a call to the Mexican consulate to see if the adjacent nation would foot the bill, which comes in just under $2 trillion.

Press PLAY on the video above to see how Colbert and his team came to the 13-figure estimate, then witness his call to Mexico.

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