'Vampire Diaries' Finale Week

Vampire Diaries' 15 Most Epic Romances (and a Few We'd Rather Forget)

The Vampire Diaries Best Worst Couples

To borrow my favorite phrase from That ’70s Show‘s Kitty Forman, the characters on The Vampire Diaries “switch partners more than square dancers” — and we love them for it.

During the past eight seasons, TVD has given us countless ‘ships to enjoy, from short-term affairs like “Mabekah” (Matt and Rebekah) to longer-lasting relationships like “Steroline” (Stefan and Caroline, naturally). And then there were the love triangles — my Glob, the triangles!

With the series finale — which promises several reunions between former flames — now less than 12 hours away, TVLine is looking back at 15 of our favorite pairings. (As the headline suggests, this is only a list of romantic relationships on the show. (Trust me, if we were going non-romantic, this list would begin and end with “Defan.”)

Of course, not every ‘ship deserved a spot on this list. Here are a few dishonorable mentions:

* Caroline and Alaric, who thankfully realized their incompatibility before Caroline got killed — you know, like literally everyone else Alaric has been with.
* Silas and Amara, the li’l cheaters who started it all.
* Stefan and Valerie, whose touching backstory was eventually trumped by poor decision-making in the present.
Lily and Enzo, who came dangerously close to breaking the bro code (aka “bros don’t sleep with other bros moms.”)
* And, of course, Damon and Caroline, who thankfully never bring up their brief period of boning in Season 1.

Flip through our gallery of the 15 most epic romances — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own favorites, and least favorites, below. (And don’t just be like “You guys are stupid” if we don’t share your opinion. It’s OK to disagree with people. This is America!)

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