Battle of the Network Stars Reboot Eyed at ABC — But Who Would Compete?

Battle of the Network Stars

Get out your knee-high athletic socks and high-on-the-thigh gym shorts, because a new Battle of the Network Stars may be waged.

ABC is looking to reboot the fun-in-the-sun competition series, which “back in the day” pitted teams from ABC, CBS and NBC — because that is all we had, kids — against each other in assorted track-and-field events. (Note Happy Days‘ Scott Baio cheering on Eight Is Enough’s Willie Ames above. And thank me for my prudent photo cropping.)

But while our sister site Variety reports that the reboot will feature “stars from across multiple television genres competing to raise money for charity,” color me skeptical. Especially in these highly competitive TV times, where everyone is scraping for any tenth of a demo point they can muster. Lending your stars to a rival’s series would seem awfully generous in this day and age.

Case in point: Variety references “a casting search” that is now underway, with an eye on a May shoot date (to then air this summer). Is that to see which actual network stars (or more likely, “stars”) are willing to give up a few days of vacation (and risk an off-season groin pull)? Or might the end result be, say, civilian teams led by a “star” captain? We shall see.

Donning your most rose-colored glasses, which network stars would you wish to see do battle?

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