Supergirl Photos: Will Kara's War With Cadmus Make an Enemy of Lena?

Supergirl Spoilers

Supergirl‘s ongoing battle with Cadmus is quickly becoming a family affair.

New photos from Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) find a serious-looking Kara chatting with Lena, one of the few people in her life she believes she can trust. And with both of their parents — Lena’s mother and Kara’s father, respectively — working to ensure Cadmus’ victory, wouldn’t it make sense for the friends to team up against them?

Then again, we can’t really be sure of Lena’s true intentions, can we? Despite assuring Kara how important their friendship is to her, Lena’s last appearance on the show included an eerie chess-based moment that suggested there’s more to her story. To paraphrase Lillian, maybe Lena is a Luthor, after all.

During a recent chat with reporters, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently teased Lillian’s master plan, saying that it directly relates to her “desire to rid the earth of aliens.” (It’s not much, but to be fair, I said “teased” not “revealed.”)

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