Hunted Finale Sneak Peek: Have Aarif & Immad Clinched Victory... or Defeat?

As CBS’ Hunted wraps its freshman run tonight at 8/7c, one of the three surviving teams is either about to cross the proverbial finish line… or run right into a trap.

In the exclusive sneak peek above, Aarif and Immad — having eluded capture thus far by enlisting friends of friends of friends — seem poised for victory and a chance at the $250,000 prize. Especially as the crafty twosome recruit a “distant associate” to deposit them at an Atlanta farmhouse, seemingly well off the hunters’ radar.

Or… is it?

Press play above to see if Command Center can use its techy resources to connect the dots and deduce where Aarif and Immad are planning to sit out the final 48 hours of the hunt. And which of the final three teams are you rooting for to emerge victorious?

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