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Beyond's Burkely Duffield Breaks Down Finale Twists, Talks 'Perilous' Season 2

Beyond Finale Recap

Whether you just finished watching the season finale of Freeform’s Beyond, or you chose to binge all 10 episodes back in January, you’re probably asking yourself one question: What the heck was that ending?

“It’s something that I think, or at least I hope, came out of left field,” star Burkely Duffield tells TVLine of the finale’s final shot, Holden coming face to face with his younger self in the Realm. “You were supposed to think that, with the Bridge destroyed and Frost gone, everything is going to be OK. But that’s not it works.”

Duffield can’t exactly explain what’s going on — mostly because he doesn’t know yet — but he assures us that it’s a sign that “something perilous is going to happen now. They’ve opened another gate, so to speak.”

Speaking of twists, if you were holding your breath during Jeff’s intense stand-off with Tess, you weren’t alone in your stress-watching.

“It was a struggle, and you could see the fire burning in Jeff’s eyes,” Duffield says. “The thing is, you can’t just kill someone and get away with it. Even if someone has wronged you, lashing out in a physical way is not the answer. Of course, it may or may not come back to bite them that they didn’t take care of her.”

Among the many things Duffield is excited to explore in Season 2, Holden’s fluctuating relationships with Willa and Charlie — actress Eden Brolin has been promoted to series regular — rank pretty high on his list.

“Holden is still getting his life together, and these two characters represent different paths that Holden can take,” Duffield says. “Willa represents the life he’s remembering, while Charlie represents this new, spontaneous way of taking things and running with them. These two relationships bring completely different philosophies, which is why he’s kind of waffling between them, because he himself doesn’t really know who he identifies as.”

Duffield is also looking forward to Holden gaining a firmer grasp on his powers: “You saw Holden struggling with so many aspects of his life in this first season,” the actor acknowledges. “To see him gaining perspective on his abilities is really cool to see. He’s making decisions for himself now. It’s fun to see the powerful side of him.”