Cancelled Quickly: Viva Laughlin, Doubt and 23 Other Infamous TV Flame-Outs

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TV has been home to an infinite number of one-season wonders — but what about the shows that were practically yanked before the first commercial break?

In the wake of Doubt‘s swift cancellation after just two episodes, TVLine is taking a look back at 25 of TV’s most (in)famous flame-outs — some beloved, others not so much. Because for every Lone Star, there’s also a Viva Laughlin, or (ugh) Work It.

Some of these series had the misfortune(/blessing?) of being yanked after just a single episode (such as when ABC apparently had an answer to Emily’s Reasons Why Not). Others were picked up to series, only never to make it to air (Fox’s intentions for Manchester Prep turned out to be cruel, indeed).

Browse the gallery above — or click here for direct access — to revisit some of TV’s most embarrassing history, then tell us if you watched (or were at least planning to) any of these short-lived series.