Lethal Weapon Sneak Peek: Riggs Has a Smart Mouth (and a Glass Jaw)

Most people would have the good sense not to entice a professional boxer to punch them in the face.

Lethal Weapon‘s Martin Riggs is not most people.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode (8/7c), the smart-mouthed detective needles a former Golden Gloves boxer so much that the retired pugilist takes a swing at him. And man, does that swing connect.

The episode, titled “Unnecessary Roughness,” finds Murtaugh and his talkative partner investigating a murder of a high school football star, which draws them into the shady world of college recruiting. Elsewhere in the episode, Murtaugh thinks about switching things up professionally, and Riggs gets even closer to the lovely Agent Palmer.

But before that can happen, he’s probably going to want to see a dentist. Because no one wants to kiss a bloody mouth.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch the clip, then sound off in the comments: Anyone else suspect Riggs was gunning to get hit for investigative reasons?

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