Silicon Valley Season 4 Trailer: Is the Pied Piper Crew Breaking Up?

Looks like the man behind Pied Piper is taking his pipe and going home. (Don’t worry: Erlich’s got plenty of pipes.)

In the just-released trailer for Season 4 of HBO’s Silicon Valley — premiering Sunday, April 23 at 10/9c — Richard gathers his Pied Piper crew together to tell them, “I’m quitting.” And he also insists on taking the name “Pied Piper” with him when he leaves the company… which the other guys don’t mind at all.

Newly inspired, Richard is determined to start fresh and create something innovative — “build a new Internet,” in his words. Of course, everyone, including Monica, thinks he sounds “like a crazy person.” But he does seem to have one ally: Jared joins him in his new venture, with the two huddled in a garage together like an old-fashioned tech start-up.

It gets off to a promising start: After an early victory, Richard and Jared take turns trying out celebratory “whoop”s. And yes, that’s every bit as awkward as it sounds.

Press PLAY above to get a sneak peek at the new Silicon Valley, then hit the comments with your thoughts: Is Richard going solo a bad idea? 

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