NCIS Crossover Sneak Peek: Torres and Gregorio Lock Horns in New Orleans

NCIS‘ Agent Torres has a tip or two to offer NCIS: New Orleans‘ Agent Gregorio in this sneak peek from tonight’s crossover event. How the latter received the advice… is for you to discover.

In the NCIS episode “Pandora’s Box, Part I” (airing at 8/7c), Abby’s homeland security think tank is compromised, after which she is found in possession of a bomb and subsequently cuffed and arrested. When said think tank’s leader is murdered and a “theoretical terror playbook” stolen, Agents McGee and Torres (played by Sean Murray and Wilmer Valderrama) travel to NCIS: New Orleans — at 10 pm, for “Pandora’s Box, Part II” — to partner with Agent Pride (Scott Bakula) and his team in the search for the pinched playbook.

In the sneak peek above, New Orleans‘ Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) is preparing to go undercover posing as an Arabic-fluent legal eagle, which gives Torres — no stranger at all to undercover work — great pause.

How does Tammy take to Nick’s second-guessing? And what is really eating at Torres? Press play above to find out.

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