Will Reign's Final Season Cost Mary Her Head? Adelaide Kane Weighs the Odds

Reign Final Season Spoilers

The gloves are coming off in Reign‘s final season — premiering Friday (The CW, 9/8c) — as Mary finds herself fighting “harder than she’s ever fought to retain her authority in a man’s world.”

“She steps into this political landscape in which her own Scottish lords are desperate to get her married as soon as humanly possible, just so they can pawn off her authority onto her husband,” star Adelaide Kane tells TVLine. “And it’s all because they feel more comfortable being led by a man.” (Some things never change, it seems.)

Also irksome: Mary has to navigate these new waters with but a single girlfriend by her side; Kane describes last-lady-standing Greer as the “one staunch sentinel against the onslaught of bulls–t that Mary has to put up with. And thank God she has Greer.”

As for the million-dollar question — how closely will Reign‘s finale follow the end of Mary’s life? — Kane reveals the odds are “pretty high” that her character will exit the series in… well… multiple parts.

“We have taken some very generous creative liberties with our storylines,” she admits, “but we have kept the bones fairly accurate. I mean, if we were going to throw the baby out with the bathwater, we would have had Francis live. And then none of this would have happened.” Kane will reveal no more, but she directs us towards Instagram, where she and her co-stars have been posting pictures that are “somewhat ominous.”

While the future of Mary’s head remains in question, there’s no mystery about the future of Kane’s. The haircut she debuted on Instagram shortly after wrapping the series was very much a metaphorical farewell to the character she’s played for the past four years.

“I’ve wanted to cut my hair for a while, so the day after we wrapped, I went and just got it chopped off,” she explains. “I feel like I’ve grown as much as my character has. I wanted my outside to reflect how I felt on the inside — and on the inside, I was damn sick of having to take care of long hair.”

News of the show’s cancellation broke while the cast was filming the series’ penultimate episode, Kane recalls. And despite the short notice, she remains “grateful” for being given a heads up.

“We only found about 10 days before we were due to wrap,” she says. “It really came down to the wire, but … it still gave us an opportunity to properly say goodbye to the cast and crew, and to take a moment every day to appreciate everyone. And to have a wrap party! It was a big blow-out celebration of the past four years.”

What are your hopes for Reign‘s final season? Do you think it’ll give Mary an accurate send-off? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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