Sean Spicer Wants Melissa McCarthy to 'Dial Back' SNL Impersonation

Spicer Reacts SNL McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy earned rapturous praise over the weekend for her stinging impersonation of embattled White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live, but what did Spicer himself think of the portrayal?

Donald Trump’s mouthpiece told Extra on Sunday that while he found the episode as a whole “funny,” he felt McCarthy “could dial back” some aspects of her performance. Specifically, he said the comedienne “needs to slow down on the gum chewing,” adding that there were “way too many pieces in there.”

In the 10-minute sketch, McCarthy played up Spicer’s tense relationship with the media during the first two weeks of Trump’s presidency by both physically and verbally assaulting members of the press (at one point turning the podium into a weapon) during a daily briefing.

Spicer told Extra that he first learned of the sketch on Sunday morning while leaving church when his phone started blowing up with texts, begging the obvious question: Was the mass at 1 am?!

What do you think of Spicer’s critique of McCarthy’s work? And are you hopeful that the Gilmore Girls vet will make her Spicer satire a semi-regular thing? Hit the comments!

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