Samurai Jack Returns With a New Mission, Beard in Season 5 Trailer

“Fifty years have passed… but I do not age.”

No, this isn’t the opening line from Christie Brinkley’s latest skincare infomercial, but rather a chilling bit of inner dialogue from the titular hero of Adult Swim’s upcoming Samurai Jack revival.

A new trailer released Monday gives us an extended look at what lies ahead for Jack in the show’s fifth season, and it’s way darker than anything we saw from the show’s original 2001–2004 run.

His nemesis, the all-powerful demon Aku, now reigns menacingly over the past, present and future, giving little hope for Jack as he prepares to once again battle his enemy. (There’s literally a part in the trailer where someone tells him, “There is no hope for you, foolish samurai.”)

But as we all know: Where there’s Jack, there’s hope. (Hence Jack’s line in the trailer, “It always seems bad at first, but then I find a way.”)

The “limited series” kicks off Saturday, March 11 at 11/10c on Adult Swim. Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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