Bill O'Reilly's 'Killer' Putin Comment: The Kremlin Wants Apology

O'Reilly Krelin Killer Apology

The Kremlin and President Donald Trump have something in common, in that neither will let Bill O’Reilly’s characterization of Russian president Vladimir Putin as a “killer” go without comment.

During a Monday morning conference call with reporters, the Kremlin invited the Fox News personality to apologize for calling Putin a “killer” — to which Trump argued that the USA itself has “got a lot of killers. What do you think, our country’s so innocent?”

“We consider such words from the Fox TV company to be unacceptable and insulting,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, “and honestly speaking, we would prefer to get an apology from such a respected TV company.”

The “killer” exchange occurred during O’Reilly’s sitdown with the president, which aired as part of Fox’s pre-game Super Bowl coverage and was excerpted and released to the media on Saturday (seen below). TVLine readers gave O’Reilly’s work during the Q&A an average grade of “C-.”

Neither Fox News nor O’Reilly have yet to respond to the Kremlin’s complaint.

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