Culture-Clash Cop Comedy Set in Detroit Nabs Pilot Order at CBS

CBS is diving headfirst into some sticky subject matter with a new sitcom.

The network has ordered a pilot for the cop comedy Brothered Up, created by Mark Gross (Mike & Molly), TVLine has learned. In it, two cops — one African-American, the other Pakistani — get partnered up to patrol a neighborhood in Detroit. And naturally, they’re polar opposites, personality-wise, with the African-American cop being more guarded and the Pakistani one more open.

There are plenty of hot-button topics at play here, obviously: immigration, inner-city crime, cops’ relationship with the African-American community, et cetera. But CBS is tackling all of them, it seems, in a traditional multi-camera sitcom. Gross will serve as creator and executive producer, and he’s a CBS veteran, having served as a writer/producer on Mike & Molly, Man With a Plan and Gary Unmarried.

Here’s the full description of Brothered Up:

An emotionally guarded African American cop gets partnered with an emotionally available Pakistani cop and are forced to find a way to connect as they patrol a Detroit neighborhood.

Does Brothered Up sound like a sure-fire hit, or a muddled misfire? Hit the comments with your early take.

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