Aaron Paul Returns to The Price Is Right, 17 Years After Traumatic Showdown

Years after Aaron Paul’s pre-fame appearance on The Price Is Right, the Breaking Bad alum returned to the set on Wednesday hoping for a second chance at glory.

Paul first appeared on the CBS game show back in 2000, where he lost his Showcase Showdown with an overbid of a mere $132. This week, the actor “broke onto the set” with James Corden, whose Late Late Show films just a few floors down.

After attempting to recreate the Price Is Right contestant experience, Corden and Paul were caught by Drew Carey, who agreed to preside over a showcase redo. Unfortunately for The Path actor, the odds still weren’t in his favor.

Watch Aaron Paul’s original Price is Right appearance below, as well as his return to the set with Corden, then drop a comment below.