Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Commercial Failure

Celebrity Apprentice Recap

Monday’s Celebrity Apprentice required the contestants to sell themselves… while selling each other out.

Following Ricky Williams‘ termination in the first hour — like previous contestants, Arnold Schwarzenegger felt that the NFL running back wasn’t defending himself strongly enough to merit sticking around — the remaining stars were tasked with selling exercise equipment on QVC.

Both teams thought they crushed the competition — Prima was proud of Boy George’s weight-loss testimony, while Arete relied on the salesmanship of Brooke Burke and Laila Ali — but as always, the boardroom brought its share of rude awakenings. And I’m not just talking about Arnold awkwardly telling Lisa Leslie, “You look so good for your age.” (Honestly, I got major flashbacks of the days You-Know-Who hosted this mess, and I did not like it.)

After it was revealed that Arete sold nearly twice as many units as Prima, guest advisor Leeza Gibbons unleashed the beast — though her wrath paled in comparison to Arnold, who fired Lisa and project manager Carson Kressley. (For those of you keeping score, that’s the second triple elimination in a row. This show is not messing around anymore.)

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