Mr. Clean's 'Sexy' Super Bowl Ad Will Have You Feeling... Some Type of Way

Someone needs to tell Mr. Clean’s personal trainer that not every day is glute day.

The paragon of cleanliness — and, of course, masculine earwear — appears in an (intentionally) uncomfortable new Super Bowl commercial, in which he reminds us why housewives have been fantasizing about him for more than five decades.

The new commercial proves that Mr. Clean is truly the Magic Mike of the cleaning world (step aside, Brawny Man!) as he mops his way into your kitchen — and twerks his way into your heart.

Not since #PuppyMonkeyBaby has a 30-second ad made us question so much about the universe we thought we understood. (Sorry, we didn’t think we’d be having an existential crisis before noon, but rarely can these things be predicted.)

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment below: Like what you see?

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