Teen Wolf Midseason Finale Trailer Reveals First Look at Stiles' Return

He’s back! He’s really, finally back!

Following Tuesday’s Teen Wolf, during which Scott’s pack made a last-ditch effort to rescue Stiles, Dylan O’Brien’s character is very much alive in the official trailer for the Jan. 31 midseason finale (MTV, 9/8c).

Of course, Stiles’ presence isn’t the only reason this trailer is getting us excited. The midseason finale sets the stage for the final battle between Scott’s pack and the Ghost Riders — and don’t even get me started about that epic shot of Lydia and Sheriff Stilinski going full throttle at the 0:14 mark.

There’s also this shorter version of the trailer, which strongly hints that Lydia will (finally) return Stiles’ affections:

We’ll have more scoop and insight at the finale approaches. For now, hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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