SIX Sneak Peek: Whose Commitment to Rescuing Rip Is Questioned?

This week on History’s new action-drama SIX (airing Wednesdays at 10/9c), a nearly bungled op leads to some tough questions being asked.

In Episode 2 of the eight-hour season, SEAL Team Six storms an oil tanker in Lagos, intent on rooting out a courier for Boko Haram who might have intel on the whereabouts of abducted former team leader Rip (Justified‘s Walton Goggins).

But when an iffy call made along the way results in an avoidable firefight, Alex (Copper‘s Kyle Schmid) and “Bear” (Revenge‘s Barry Sloane) later exchange words during a diner post mortem, as seen in the exclusive sneak peek above.

Does one of the boys want to save Rip too much? And does the other not want to save him enough? Press play above to see who takes which side.

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