Frequency Finale Sneak Peek: The New Timeline Is Full of (Fleeting?) Surprises

This Wednesday on the Frequency season finale (The CW, 9/8c), Raimy lays witness to the assorted changes brought about by her and Frank’s latest flurry of tampering with the past. But will all this good news keep?

In the exclusive sneak peek above, Raimy (played by Peyton List) “reunites” with Julie (Devin Kelley), who not only is alive and well, but has another eye-opener for her daughter. And the changes don’t stop there, as evidenced when another familiar face enters the room, to plan a very important party.

Raimy and Frank’s work might not be over just yet, though. As revealed in the finale synopsis, Raimy will make a discovery that stops her cold, sending her racing to the ham radio to voice her concerns to her dad.

What final twists do you think await Frequency‘s Raimy? Has the Nightingale Killer not actually be nabbed?

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