Better Call Saul: Aaron Paul Hints He's in Breaking Bad Prequel's Season 3

Say it with us now, Breaking Bad fans: Yeah, bitch!

Based on a clip from Tuesday’s Ellen, it seems like there’s a good chance Jesse Pinkman will show his face in the third season of Bad‘s prequel, Better Call Saul.

“God, I hope so,” Bad star Aaron Paul responds when host Ellen DeGeneres asks him whether the feckless drug dealer will ever show up on the spinoff. “Maybe I already shot it. We just — or they just — wrapped the [latest] season.”

Because Saul mostly takes place before the events of Breaking Bad, Pinkman — who was recently out of high school in the original series — might be too young to show up anywhere except for the series’ flashforwards, where Saul is known as “Gene” and is working at a Cinnabon.

And if that’s true, then we’ll get an update on what happened after Jesse chose not to kill his mentor/tormentor Walter White and then escaped the meth lab where he was being held against his will.

If Jesse surfaces on the series, he’ll join several other Bad characters who’ve made Saul appearances, including Tuco (Raymond Cruz), Hector (Mark Margolis), Krazy-8 (Max Arciniega) and the recently announced Gus (Giancarlo Esposito), who’ll grace the upcoming third season.

Press PLAY on the video above — the Saul talk starts around the 1:40 mark — and then hit the comments: Yo, are you ready for a little Jesse in your Better Call Saul?

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