Sweet/Vicious Video: Will Jules Tell All in the Underrated MTV Drama's Finale?

Imagine if Veronica Mars and her trusty sidekick Mac became secret vigilantes against sexual assault.

That could have been the sales pitch for MTV’s Sweet/Vicious, which follows rape survivor Jules (played by Broadchurch‘s Eliza Bennett), an unassuming sorority sister who teams with hacker extraordinaire Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) to pummel sex offenders twice their size.

Featuring the razor-sharp wit of Veronica Mars, the fight sequences of a superhero series and some of the best female friendships currently on TV, Sweet/Vicious wraps up its dynamic first season this Tuesday with a two-hour finale (airing at 10/9c).

For those who have been on the bandwagon all along, TVLine has your reward: an exclusive sneak peek from the first half of the season ender, in which Jules prepares to tell her ex Tyler that she was raped. Will she also spill about her secret pastime? And how will she react to Tyler’s own unexpected news? (If you’re new to the show and clicked “play” when you should be going to MTV.com to catch up, Jules and Ophelia accidentally killed his step-brother during a beatdown gone wrong. Eek.)

Watch the tense exchange above, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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