Timeless Sneak Peek: Flynn Pressures Lucy Into Killing Rittenhouse's Elite

Timeless Spoilers

Flynn sets his sights on some high-profile Rittenhouse members when Timeless returns on Monday (NBC, 10/9c)… and if he has his way, Lucy will be bringing them down alongside him.

In this exclusive video, Flynn informs the historian — whom he’s dragged to 1893 against her will — that an important meeting is set to take place the next day between Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan.

“I’m going to kill them all,” he declares, “and you’re going to help me. They’re all a part of Rittenhouse.”

When Lucy protests, Flynn warns, “I would think long and hard before you turn me down.” After all, if the journal is wrong, and they’re not meant to work together, then “that makes you expendable,” he notes, before giving Lucy a final ultimatum.

Elsewhere in the Chicago World’s Fair-set hour, Wyatt and Rufus fall into a sinister trap while trying to rescue their friend, whose only savior may be the illusionist Harry Houdini (played by Mr. Robot‘s Michael Drayer).

Press PLAY below to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Flynn and Lucy’s “partnership.”

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