Quantico to Switch to Single Timeline

Quantico Season 2 Single Timeline

Bye-bye, blue-washed footage: Starting in March, the action in ABC’s Quantico will unfold in one timeline only — and that’s how the show will proceed from now on, showrunner Joshua Safran says.

The move to a single time frame has been planned for a while, Safran told TVLine Friday.

“When we broke Season 2, we knew we were going to go to to one timeline, because it’s about the [terrorist] event, and then it’s about what happens after the event. And you can’t flashback to the Farm after the crisis is over,” the EP said, adding that the change is a response to viewer feedback about Season 1.

“It was a response from last year,” he said. “It was the idea that 22 [episodes] couldn’t sustain it.”

The change will happen at the end of Episode 14. (Quantico returns from its winter break on a new night, Monday, Jan. 23 at 10/9c.

“It’s clearer to follow. It’s more romantic. It’s not soapy; weirdly, it’s got a level of ‘us against the world’ to it,” Safran added. “That kind of romance. It feels like more of a feature [film].”

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