Chicago Fire Sneak Peek: Is Severide Growing Too Close to Anna?

Chicago Fire Spoilers

If there’s a rule against a bone marrow donor and donee getting emotionally attached, Chicago Fire‘s Severide and leukemia patient Anna (Rookie Blue‘s Charlotte Sullivan) are definitely breaking it in this exclusive look at next Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c).

Although Anna’s health was waning during the Fire/P.D. crossover, “She is going to take a turn for the better,” executive producer Derek Haas tells TVLine. But Severide might not be able to come to her rescue after a work accident thwarts his donation plans.

“Maybe my story here is over,” Anna muses. “Whatever higher power is pushing the buttons has a plan, and I’m really at peace with that.”

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A teary-eyed Severide, however, does not seem at peace with the idea of losing his new friend, who might be becoming something more than just a pal.

“Severide, through the course of the events of Episode 10, [takes on] tremendous risk and pain to try to help her,” Haas shares. “It’s a selfless act beyond being a firefighter, and we are going to see more of her as the season continues.”

Press PLAY below to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Severide and Anna’s connection. 

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