Mariah Carey Shrugs, '$#*! Happens' in Wake of New Year's Lip Sync Fiasco

Mariah Carey New Year's eve Lip Sync

Sometimes a hero comes along. Other times, you’re Mariah Carey on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and there isn’t a single audio technician who can salvage an unforgettably awkward performance.

The “Visions of Love” singer took to Twitter not long after her vocal track gave out during her medley of greatest hits on the annual NYE broadcast and, needless to say, she presented herself as not too shaken up about it. (Warning: understandable expletive ahead.)

ICYMI: Carey’s technical snafu began almost immediately after she opened with a few bars of “Auld Lang Syne.” After moving on to 1991 hit “Emotions,” her backing track malfunctioned, forcing Carey to call out to her technicians from the stage, urging them to “get these monitors on.”

The problem appeared fixed moments later as the medley transitioned into “We Belong Together,” but it soon became clear that what Carey was hearing in her earpiece was not in sync with what was heard by the audience at home, at which point she stopped lip-syncing again.

Click here to relive the performance in its entirety, then tell us what you think of Carey’s social media response.