Sleepy Hollow's Lyndie Greenwood Dishes 'Cool Jenny Badassery' Ahead

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Spoilers Jenny

Sleepy Hollow‘s upcoming fourth season will be both great and terrible for Jenny Mills. Allow portrayer Lyndie Greenwood to explain.

“I like this season, because I do feel it gets Jenny back to being that badass that we knew when we first met her,” the actress tells TVLine in advance of the series’ Jan. 6 return (Fox, 9/8c). “And it’s sad, in a way, because it comes from a place of, this is all she has.”

If you’ve been transported to a hell dimension for the past year, here’s a brief catch-up: Jenny’s sister, a biblically foretold Witness to the end of days, sacrificed her life in the Season 3 finale so that fellow Witness Ichabod Crane could carry on the fight against evil. And just before that, Jenny was forced to shoot and kill her boyfriend — who was in crazed-Wendigo mode — so that he didn’t maul her dad.

Season 4, Greenwood previews, will find the remaining Mills sister doubling down on her efforts, both to help Ichabod stave off apocalypse and to help him find his next divinely chosen partner.

“She’s really cold, because her work is all she has. She doesn’t have the family so much anymore, but it’s also kind of fun,” Greenwood says. “She’s a tough girl… There’s some cool Jenny badassery.”

The season premiere, titled “Columbia,” opens with Ichabod in Washington, D.C., but Ms. Mills is nowhere to be found. “Jenny has been off on her own in the world, doing Jenny stuff,” the actress says, “looking for clues as to where to find the next Witness.”

The (offscreen) search takes her to places like Tibet; Greenwood adds that, especially after her sister’s passing, Jenny would go anywhere to help the cause. “She knows that there’s a battle that’s bigger than herself and her emotions, and she just really throws herself into her work,” she says. “She takes that on as her life’s mission.”

And unlike her early interactions with Agent Sophie Foster in Season 3, Greenwood previews, there’s no animosity between Jenny and Ichabod’s new partner Diana (played by new cast member Janina Gavankar).

“Of course, Diana is a little leery of Jenny at first, because this whole world that Diana is thrown into is very, very new and scary. But for Jenny, she’s been around this block before,” Greenwood says, laughing. “Her focus is pretty laser-honed at this point, and I think she is just appreciative of anyone that’s strong and soldier-like. And Diana is a warrior of a woman in her own right, so Jenny appreciates that about her right away.”

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