Supernatural Photos: Cas and Mary Search for Locked-Up Sam and Dean

Supernatural Spoilers

Supernatural brothers Sam and Dean find themselves being carted off in cuffs in the first photos from the CW drama’s Thursday, Jan. 26 episode (now airing at 8/7c), but at least they’ve got some loved ones looking for them on the outside.

“We’re going to be building in about a six-week time jump,” executive producer Andrew Dabb reveals. “We’ll see how Sam and Dean act in that period of isolation, but also how the rest of the world reacts, as well — specifically Cas and Mary and some other players.”

No strangers to outrunning the authorities or getting arrested, the Winchesters’ latest run-in with the law is “a different kind of predicament than they’ve ever had before,” Dabb says. “The people that have them” — the government, not the British of Men of Letters — “think they’re real, legitimate criminals, albeit kind of terrorists more than your common thief or anything like that. Sam and Dean [are] facing something where it’s not like they can do what they normally do.”

That means not being able to say, “‘The monster’s real. And by the way, the monster’s going to come and get you, and you have to be on our side,’ which is something they pulled with law enforcement in the past,” the EP notes.

Scroll through the gallery to the right (or click here for direct access) for a sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the brothers’ imprisonment.

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