The Royals Sneak Peek: Robert's Return Triggers Another Family Bombshell

The Royals Spoilers

You can’t exactly blame Princess Eleanor for getting all emotional on Sunday’s The Royals (E!, 10/9c) — her brother did just come back from the dead, after all.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Eleanor’s intense reunion with Robert, which begins with her waking up after last week’s episode-ending faint.

“You always did make everything about you,” he tells her as Queen Helena enters the room — with tea, naturally.

But the real show begins, as always, when Cyrus joins the party. We all know a lot has happened since Robert’s “death” — including the actual death of King Simon — and Cyrus’ delivery of that news isn’t exactly tactful. (Are you surprised?)

Hit PLAY on the video below, then drop a comment with your hopes now that Robert has returned to the palace.

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