Vampire Diaries Boss Warns of Another 'Painful' Death Coming in 2017

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

We hope you didn’t waste all of your tears on Tyler Lockwood, because he’s about to get some company in Vampire Diaries Heaven.

When TVLine asked if Tyler was the last major character fans would have to say goodbye to before the series wraps on March 10, executive producer Julie Plec merely replied, “Nope.” When pressed for more information, she simply offered unpleasant adjectives like “painful” and “terrible.”

While death has always been woven into the CW drama’s fabric, can we really afford to lose any more characters from the pile of dwindling fan-favorites? (Depending on where Alaric’s upcoming crossover to The Originals falls timeline-wise, he could be one of the only safe bets to survive the series.)

Speaking of death, we can expect plenty of carnage from Stefan now that Cade’s newest man servant has flipped his humanity switch.

“Stefan’s never been good with temptation while in ripper mode,” Plec reminds us. “We know from past experience that Stefan has a threshold, and it’ll be Damon’s job to monitor his brother and make sure he stays on the good side of that threshold. If he crosses it, there’s a risk of losing him forever.”

Wait, now Damon is responsible for keeping Stefan from losing control? (Good luck with that.)

TVD fans, which character(s) are you worried might not live to see the series finale? And what are your general hopes for the final run of episodes? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.