The TV Dictionary: 41 Terms We Learned in 2016 From Game of Thrones, Grey's, The Walking Dead, Survivor and More

2016 television dictionary

Over the past 12 months, television has made us LOL more times than we can count. It’s made us shed more tears than we really wanted to. And, somewhere along the line, it’s also expanded our vocabularies.

C’mon, admit it — until we were schooled by Survivor, who among us would have been able to tell whether we were in an alliance or a trust cluster? Before The Walking Dead’s Abraham (R.I.P.) made the distinction clear, would you have known the difference between making pancakes and just pouring the Bisquick? (We wouldn’t have.) And, without John Oliver’s help, would you have felt comfortable throwing the term “hug pimp” into casual conversation? (Didn’t think so.)

So, without further ado, TVLine presents its 2016 TV Dictionary, including words and phrases that we learned in the last 365 days from Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin and more. Click on the gallery to the right to check out our entries (or click here for direct access), then hit the comments with any additions you think you should be made.

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