Seth Meyers Defines 'Eggnoggles,' 'Old Bang Syne,' More Holiday Slang

Do you know what it means to go “full Baby New Year” at a wild holiday party? Or to be the “Yule Log” at a family gathering? (We’d wager the answer is probably no.)

Seth Meyers on Thursday introduced the aforementioned terminology during a holiday edition of “Teen Slang.” As you’ll see, the Late Night host could barely keep a straight face when defining such jargon as “Joseph,” “Jack and Rose,” “The Holy Land” and “Daly Double.”

Before you press PLAY on the video above, we encourage you to make it more fun for yourselves by speculating what you think any of the above slang could mean. Then, drop a comment below and let us know if your guesses came anywhere close to being correct.

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