The Walking Dead Season 7 Countdown: 12 Most Memorable Moments So Far


Unless you still haven’t started watching The Walking Dead’s polarizing Season 7, you can probably already guess which moment tops our countdown of the most memorable so far. And, like Alexandria’s embattled survivors, you’re also likely wishing you could forget that it happened.

But, of course, that heart-shattering incident is but one of a dozen scenes from the first half of the season that are sure to stay with us over the AMC drama’s nine-week winter break, and recalling at least a couple of the other ones will make you, if not laugh, at least smile a little bit. (Hint: When being introduced to a tiger, do try to get her name right.)

To check out our picks, flip through the gallery above right (or click here for direct access), then hit the Comments with the unforgettable moments that you feel should have been included on the list.

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