Sense8: A Christmas Special Trailer Promises a Heady, Hellish Holiday

Sense8 has returned to wish you a merry Christmas… and a “happy f–ing new year.”

Netflix on Friday released the official trailer for the sci-fi drama’s upcoming two-hour holiday special, which hits the streaming service (appropriately) on Dec. 23.

As you might expect from a Christmas event produced by the Wachowski siblings, it doesn’t take long for the joy of the season to devolve into gun-shooting, face-bashing madness. (We didn’t spot any festive hot tub orgies in this trailer, but we wouldn’t put anything past Sense8 at this point.)

And remember: Sense8’s 10-episode second season doesn’t hit Netflix until May 5, 2017, so enjoy this — it’s going to have to last you a while.

Hit PLAY on the new trailer above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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