Year in Review

2016 in Review: Best/Worst Finales, Underrated Shows and Stars, Saddest Cancellation, LOL CGI and More

Best Worst TV Moments 2016

Having already taken stock of the best and worst TV shows of 2016, the most devastating deaths and other umbrella topics, now it is time for TVLine’s Year in Review to drill down deep and serve up specific (and fun) superlatives.

In this, the first half of our year-end Best/Worst/Most round-up, we highlight the small screen’s underrated shows and stars, confess our guiltiest TV pleasures, single out some singular episodes and give props to some new faces in familiar places.

On the cattier side of things — that is, besides our Best Animal category — TVLine also takes the year’s most convoluted storyline and clunkiest CGI out for a drag, as well as anoints the Worst Series Finale.

Flip through our gallery at right (click here for direct access) to see our Best/Worst/Most part 1 picks, then weigh in with your own.

Coming up on Friday: Top Couples, Most Heartbreaking Break-Up, Best Bromance, the Most Enjoyable Murder, Best Displays of Skin, Wasted Guest Stars and more.

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