Obama on Daily Show: If Trump Sets Up Muslim Registry, I Will 'Say Something'

President Barack Obama doesn’t expect he’ll “suddenly just vanish” once Donald Trump takes office on Jan. 20. He also doesn’t expect to keep quiet if his successor’s administration impedes on the “core values” of the United States.

Remarking on Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims, Obama on Monday’s The Daily Show told Trevor Noah that he will “have to say something” if Trump follows through on his campaign promise, or insists on a registry of all Muslims currently living the United States.

“If I thought a Muslim registry was being set up that violates the Constitution, violates who we are, and would make us less safe because it would make it easier for groups like [ISIS] to recruit and radicalize homegrown terrorists, I might have to say something about that,” he said.

Obama’s first Daily Show interview since Jon Stewart’s departure also touched on Russia’s alleged election tampering, the future of the Affordable Care Act and attempting to navigate the nation’s racial divide. An extended cut, clocking in at 22 minutes, can be seen its entirety here.

Watch Obama discuss Trump’s potential Muslim registry below (beginning at the 5:28 mark), then drop a comment with your thoughts.