Year in Review

2016 in Review: Which TV Character Had the Most Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year? Cast Your Vote!

Worst Year TV Characters

It was a year to remember for many a TV character. Thought for some, the events of 2016 are better forgotten!

Because for every wedding that went off without a hitch, for every childbirth that was a bundle of joy, there were myriad miseries to be foisted up the characters of your favorite shows.

With 2016 drawing to close, TVLine’s Year in Review committee tallied those on the small screen who surely would like to hop aboard the Legends of Tomorrow’s Waverider and travel back in time for a big, fat do-over.

Review our picks (click here for direct access) and vote in the poll at the end for the THREE (3) characters who endured the very, very worst year.

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