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2016 in Review: TV's 13 Sexiest Scenes

Sexiest TV Scenes 2016 Photos

If this TV’s rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’: Yep, it’s time for TVLine’s annual rundown of the sexiest scenes the small screen had to offer in 2016.

Our 13 picks span the sexy spectrum, from a supercharged almost-kiss to a mid-coital discussion of sexual timing, and feature some of your favorite characters from Grey’s AnatomyThe Walking DeadOutlanderInsecure and more. There’s something for everyone… provided that everyone likes plastic-barrier caresses in a time of catastrophic illness. (Thanks, Containment.)

A brief warning, just in case you’re reading this around your boss/mom/kid/: Some of the images are slightly NSFW. And one is really NSFW.

Click through the gallery at right — or for direct access, click here — in order to see all of the lusty shenanigans 2016 had to offer. Then hit the comments with your pick for sexiest scene of the year!