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2016 in Review: The 10 Best Comedies

TVLine’s Year in Review continues by tending to some funny business.

Having kicked things off by counting down the dramas that best made us gasp and cry during 2016, it’s now time to give kudos to the shows that pinged our funny bone hardest or, in some cases, offered smart serio-comic insight on today’s society.

Who ranked higher — a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a horse named BoJack or some Difficult People? Does veep Selina Meyer still get our vote? And with Master of None MIA this year, who inherited its No. 1 spot?

Our staff reflected on the last 12 months, and then went through the painful process of whittling it down to the most innovative, most moving and most gasp-inducing of the bunch.

PHOTOS Summer TV Winners & Losers

Check out the gallery above for our picks — or click here for direct access— then tell us where you think we got it right, which shows we snubbed, and what comedy you’d put at No. 1.

Coming up soon, as TVLine’s Year in Review marches on: Worst Shows, Sexiest Scenes, Grossest Moments, the Most OMG Plot Twists, Quotes of the Year and so much more!

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