CBS' Hunted 'Fugitives' Competition to Debut After NFL AFC Championship

Hunted CBS Premiere Date

CBS’ latest reality competition series is getting a primo kickoff.

Hunted, in which highly skilled investigators try to track down teams of “fugitives,” will premiere Sunday, Jan. 22 at approximately 10/9c, immediately following the network’s coverage of the NFL’s well-watched AFC Championship game. Starting Jan. 25, the series moves to Wednesdays at 8 pm, beginning with a two-hour episode.

Specifically, Hunted follows nine teams of two as they attempt to “disappear” in today’s vast digital world, while elite investigators combine state-of-the-art tracking methods (e.g. scouring Internet and cell phone histories) with traditional tactics to pursue them. (It’s kinda like when a gal “ghosts” me after a first date, yet I inevitably track her down. Kinda.) The series logline asks, “Will the anxiety of being fugitives on the run cause teams to make a critical error, or will they be able to stay off the grid long enough to avoid being found within 100,000 square miles of the southeastern United States?”

A grand prize of $250,000 will be awarded to each team that successfully evades being caught for up to 28 days.

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