Supergirl Romance Update: Is Kara Headed for a Full-On Love Quadrangle?

Supergirl Spoilers

If Mon-El’s inquiry into Kara’s relationship status on this week’s Supergirl didn’t raise your eyebrow, you might want to give that last scene a second look.

Because, while we all figured that a Kara/Mon-El pairing was imminent, I’ll admit I was not expecting such an overtly suspicious response from former love interests Winn and James. (At least, I think “former” is the right word.)

On Winn’s part, “I think he’s a little bit worried that Mon-El might be moving in on Kara, and I think it brings up old feelings in Winn that he’s sort of packed down,” Jeremy Jordan tells TVLine. “He never really dealt with what went down with Kara in Season 1, so if something starts happening there, he’s going to have to figure out how to deal with it.”

As for James, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg may have told reporters that he and Kara as “best as friends,” but that doesn’t mean the photographer-turned-vigilante is necessarily over her.

So, what do we think? Is Kara headed for a full-on love quadrangle? (And that’s not even including Sara Lance, who apparently crushes hard on the Girl of Steel during this week’s four-way Arrow-verse crossover.) Drop a comment with your thoughts on the current state of Kara’s love life below.

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