Secrets and Lies Video: Eric Accuses Patrick of Killing Kate, Chaos Ensues

From here on out, it’s every Warner for his/herself on ABC’s Secrets and Lies.

Following the reveal of Patrick’s fraud, Charlie Barnett’s character is fired from his family’s firm on Sunday’s episode (ABC, 9/8c). But when Eric takes things one step further — turning Patrick in to the authorities, resulting in his incarceration — his father and sister begin to question whether he’s gone too far.

“I turned evidence against Patrick over to the police, per instructions of counsel,” Eric tells Amanda in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek. “You’re always telling me to listen to my lawyer.”

“This is different!” she responds. “You did this with no regard for what would happen to our brother.”

Then comes the bombshell, via Eric: “He killed my wife!”

Hit PLAY on the video above to see how the Warners’ battle plays out, then drop a comment below: Do you think Patrick really killed Kate?

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