The Walking Dead Countdown: Ranking the Show's Top 20 Villains of All Time

the-walking-dead 20 best villains

Ranking The Walking Dead’s Top 20 villains of all time is such a challenging endeavor that it borders on the kind of torture that Negan might use to try to break Daryl.

Think about it. First of all, the AMC drama’s range of baddies is so great that it includes everything from unhinged youngsters to treacherous cowards to man-eating beasts that aren’t even walkers!

Secondly, the atrocities committed by the antagonists at least occasionally fall into the category of “Well, it is the apocalypse.” And isn’t that how we justify a lot of our heroes’ morally questionable behavior?

Anyway, your friends at TVLine having given it a go, counting down the best of the worst in the gallery to the right (or click here for direct access). Scroll through our picks, then vote on your favorite — or would that be least favorite? — in the comments!

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