Donald Trump Calls SNL 'Totally One-Sided,' Asks for 'Equal Time' — Read Alec Baldwin's Response

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Donald Trump took a break from prepping to be President of the United States by offering some Sunday-morning quarterbacking on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live — eliciting a prompt response from Alec Baldwin.

Hours after Baldwin in SNL‘s cold open portrayed Trump as a confused President-Elect who was walking back campaign positions and Googling “What is ISIS?,” Trump critiqued the sketch series (that he hosted one year ago) as unfunny and “totally one-sided.” He also suggested via Twitter, “Equal time for us?”

Within a half-hour, Baldwin responded to Trump’s inquiry by saying “[the] election is over. There is no more equal time.” Instead, he stated that from here on it is Trump’s role to “try to be President, and people respond. That’s pretty much it.”

Baldwin went on to further counsel Trump on how best to spend his time, saying he should be focused on “how to improve the lives of AS MANY AMERICANS AS POSSIBLE” and “improving our reputation abroad, including actually fighting for freedom and not just oil.” Also, “I would make [Cabinet] appointments that encouraged people, not generate fear and doubt.

“You want more advice, call me,” he said in conclusion. “I’ll be at SNL.”

Trump’s anti-SNL missive came on the heels of him responding to VP-elect Mike Pence’s theater-going experience on Friday evening, where the cast of Hamilton expressed on-stage its hope that Pence “will work on behalf of all of us,” after seeing a “wonderful American story told by a diverse group of men and women of different colors, creeds and orientations.”

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