Gilmore Girls Revival: Scott Patterson Teases 'Different But Same' Luke

7daysLuke Danes will be a slightly changed man when we meet up with him in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. “He’s a little different, but he’s a little bit the same, too,” previews his portrayer Scott Patterson in the above on-camera Q&A. “He’s [still] that guy that doesn’t want to change.”

Rest assured he’s also still that guy who has mad love for a certain loquacious coffee addict. An ironclad gag order prevents Patterson from offering specifics on the status of Luke and Lorelai’s relationship, but after a little off camera coaching from a Warner Bros. rep, he offers up this non-spoiler: “They are together. And they’re trying to figure out their next move.”  

Patterson goes on to say that he and leading lady Lauren Graham “did some of the best work we’ve ever done” in the four-part revival (out Nov. 25 on Netflix), adding that Graham’s work, in particular, is “extraordinary.”

Press PLAY above to watch the latest snippet of my interview with Patterson, and then check back in the coming days for more from the actor as well as Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Team Palladino as TVLine’s “18 Days of Gilmore” scoop countdown continues.