Supergirl Flash Arrow Legends Crossover

Arrowverse Crossover Photos: Thea Suits Up, Caitlin and Iris Meet Supergirl

So. Many. Superheroes.

The CW has released a big batch of photos from its upcoming crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, and it is chock-full of costumed crimefighters — and their trusty pals! (Yes, The Flash‘s Iris and Caitlin are also present at the super meet-up.)

Other takeaways from the first-look photos:

* It’s all hands on deck as the heroes battle the alien race the Dominators, so even Thea suits back up to pitch in.

* Cisco looks very happy to meet the Girl of Steel. Crush alert?

* Supergirl seems charmed by HR.

* Mick and Kara. Enough said.

The crossover event kicks off at the tail end of Supergirl‘s Nov. 28 episode (8/7c), and continues all week on The Flash (Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 8/7c), Arrow (Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 8/7c), and Legends of Tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 1 at 8/7c).

Click through the gallery to the right to get a sneak peek at the four-way DC Comics crossover, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the superpalooza.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Phun says:

    As we get closer to November 28, the excitement increases! C-A-N-N-O-T W-A-I-T!!!

  2. JC1 says:

    It looks like a lot of fun, although I’m increasingly dubious about the Arrow portion. If it weren’t for Sara, I might be strongly tempted to skip that part. The rest of it though…..can’t wait. So looking forward to seeing Supergirl meet the gang. Too bad J’onn and Alex couldn’t have come with her.

    • Bob Wood says:

      Even if you don’t care much for Arrow I think this is the one time to watch this one episode since this is filmed like a 3hr movie, if you skip one you would miss a lot of the story.

  3. KatKos says:

    So happy for Oliver/Laurel weeding

  4. Cordell Garrett says:

    Best Team up Ever

  5. absherlock says:

    I wonder about Ollie letting Mick know his identity. I figured Wally doesn’t care because he figures Snart told him and the Legends trust him, but Ollie should be less trusting. I hope it’s mentioned.

  6. Butch says:

    I didn’t see any pictures of Quentin Lance in Ollie’s dream. Though his being in rehab in the real world would excuse him from appearing, he should be a part of his daughter’s wedding plans.
    I didn’t see Joe anywhere. Ray rebuilt the Atom suit pretty quickly considering he just got the dwarf star matter at the end of last episode and the Legends were already heading to 2016.

    • absherlock says:

      Thought that myself about the Atom suit. Assuming the whole suit isn’t made of dwarf star (probably just the power source) or it’d be too heavy?

      • Michael says:

        I think Ray said a few times that his suit was Powered by the Dwarf star, not made of it. (Remember in the last episode of Legends, Ray told the group that the bad guy could power all of the west with that dwarf star forever, and he had only a thumb size piece powering his suit

    • Butch says:

      I guess with time travel they can take 5 weeks or however long it takes to make an Atom suit and still arrive in 2016 at the correct time.

    • soonerborn says:

      Just like the Atomic bomb after the first time building it the next ones are easier and faster to build.

  7. Butch says:

    Is it odd that Kara would put on her glasses when out of uniform on Barry’s Earth? Nobody would know her there. There don’t appear to be any pictures of Wally or The Arrow’s new recruits even though they are mentioned in the shows’ descriptions and therefore will be a part of this event.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Kara’s just very method when it comes to her alter ego.

    • Michelle says:

      That on Supergirl earth

      • Butch says:

        Pictures 56 and 57 are from Legends of Tomorrow. Unless the battle goes from Barry’s Earth to Kara’s, which is possible, I think that is Barry’s Earth

    • Spencer says:

      If I’m not mistaken her glasses actually have something on them that helps her adjust her vision on earth!? I don’t remember much but I think there was a scene where her earth father told her that. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        Yes, Jeremiah put some lead in the frames to help suppress her X-ray vision when she was a child and now she wears them to honor him. Notice how when she is wearing the glasses she tips them forward when she wants to use her X-Ray vision?

      • Bob Wood says:

        You are wrong, in the last episode when she gave Mon-El Glasses as a disguise she took hers off and she said that her glasses are NOT real she can see fine with out them she said that its so people won’t know her as Supergirl.

        • bbussey says:

          He’s not wrong. While it’s true that Kara does not need the glasses for prescription purposes, the glasses do restrict her x-ray vision.

          • bbussey says:

            The first season episode where teenage Kara rescued the occupants of an overturned car in flashback I think is the episode which contained the flashback scene where Jeremiah gave her the glasses.

  8. Wordsmith says:

    I wonder if they’ll make some reference to the Harrison Wells from Supergirl’s universe. It might be neat to know what that version of him is like, if there is one.

  9. ndixit says:

    I suspect that the Arrow episode is going to be a drag for crossover audiences. I mean the episode is clearly meant for the core Arrow audience who have known all the departed characters who are returning for the ep and the significance of them. But say for the audience who haven’t watched Arrow for a while, those dream world flashes will be frustrating as it will take away time from the crossover plot. Arrow should have just done a full 100th ep special and then filmed the crossover as the 7th or 9th ep.

    • Bob Wood says:

      I think you missed what the Producer said about that episode, this is not a dream or a flashback, this has something to do with Barry changing the timeline during Flashpoint.

  10. Joey Padron says:

    Photos from crossover episodes looks really good. Excited to see the episodes in 2 weeks!

  11. acurat says:

    Do we get Killer Frost as well? No? Oh well.

  12. igor1 says:

    These shows always have pretty good photography and effects. Since this is an involved movie like event, hopefully the writing will be better and can cut down on some of the cheesy dialogue that creeps in to their shows.

  13. Michael says:

    You GOTTA have SUperman, I don’t see him, hope he turns up somehow, plus in some pictures I’m not sure is that Palmer as Atom again? Or is it Steel? And I hope since they are back in our time, Palmer can stop by his lab and has a extra Atom suit, LOVE that guy as Atom

    • cool says:

      Maybe they want to avoid superman stealing the spotlight from supergirl in the crossover, When supergirl does another crossover, fans will be like they want superman not supergirl however that is my opinion.

  14. Matt says:

    I would’ve liked to see Martian Manhunter, Guardian, Alex and Fin go through the breach with Supergirl as well ! A cool story would’ve been for them to go through and then Cisco is unable to open the breach back up for a few episodes

  15. Mike says:

    So looking forward to this. The only small issue that I have, if this is so bad that they need to team up, Superman should also be there seeing now that he’s has been established on screen. Even if his appearance is 5 minutes in the Supergirl segment. In that 5 minutes he can mention he is taking care of something else on this or is busy with a related matter. To ignore him at this point, is somewhat a small mistake.

  16. Bob Wood says:

    Since Catlin Snow is part of it I guess her Killer Frost/Evil Self episode will be quickly resolved by that episodes end, which is good I never wanted to see her character stay evil.

    • AnnieM says:

      Indeed. Not only that, I’ve been wondering *why* ‘our’ Caitlin would just automatically become evil with her frost powers. if we remember, while Robbie/Firestorm of Earth 2 was evil (like Killer Frost), ‘our’ Robbie wasn’t; I would think that should’ve been enough reason for her to be concerned rather than terrified.