Watch SNL's Cast and Host Kristen Wiig Take on the Mannequin Challenge

Kristen Wiig is so excited to host Saturday Night Live again, she can’t move a muscle.

In this new promo for Saturday’s episode (NBC, 11:30/10:30c), the host and the current SNL cast join forces to do their version of the “Mannequin Challenge,” where a group of people freeze in place like mannequins and a camera roams among them so we can make sure they’re not moving.

With the Rae Sremmurd hit “Black Beatles” playing in the background, we see Aidy Bryant blowing a bubble with her gum, an appearance by the David S. Pumpkins Dancers (!), the Weekend Update anchors chilling behind the desk, Kate McKinnon playing her alien-abduction character, Leslie Jones taking a selfie, and finally Wiig posing — and unfreezing to point out the promo text on the screen.

Jones messes it up at the end, though, stomping over to Wiig and yelling, “Why y’all still still like this? Huh?” Well, it was a good effort, anyway.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch SNL’s take on the Mannequin Challenge, then hit the comments to guess which characters Wiig will bring back.

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