Samantha Bee Skewers Trump Staff, Cites Us (!), Checks In With Jon Stewart

Samantha Bee wasted no time skewering President-elect Donald Trump’s  prospective cabinet on Monday, first taking aim at chief strategist pick Steve Bannon.

Describing him as “the milkshake that brings all the deplorables to the yard,” the Full Frontal host knocked Trump’s choice of “alt-right-hand man.” A co-founder of Breitbart News, Bannon has been accused of using his platform to mainstream the ideologies of white supremacists.

Bee also skewered prominent Republicans, like current and former Speakers of the House Paul Ryan and Newt Gingrich, who in the days since Bannon’s name began circulating have both denied any knowledge of his affiliation with the alt-right movement. Ryan also said he’d never heard of Bannon at all.

Bee surmised that Ryan’s alleged obliviousness was more about keeping the peace within his party, and less about standing up for what’s right.

Later, Bee took a look at how the media wants to blame others for Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. After calling out TVLine (!) for a commentary on how Jon Stewart’s Daily Show exit might have impacted the election, Bee gave viewers a glimpse of how Stewart is coping in the days since the election.

Are you more or less nervous about Donald Trump’s staff picks after watching Samantha Bee’s commentary?

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